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New Year - New Beginnings - for us and Tech startups!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

A new year brings a new start for myself and my colleague, Joanne Eames.

Rocket in launch process from its launch bay

With a combined 50 years of marketing for Tech companies in both Europe and the US (please don’t do that math), and 20 years of working together, we’re finally doing what we’ve talked about for a long time - founding a marketing consultancy, Tech2marketing to provide expert, flexible and dynamic strategic marketing consultancy and services to boost the velocity of IT startups.

Over the years, we noticed that most Tech companies are founded by software engineers who are quite rightly focused on developing their software solutions and marketing is seen as a distraction. But their ventures quickly reach a stage where the lack of marketing can become a barrier to investment and growth. Competitors spring up and investors want to see results.

Now I know that it’s hard times out there for tech companies so you may be thinking ‘why now?’ - but following a harsh environment of 2022, 2023 could open the floodgates to investment as venture capital firms are currently sitting on $290 billion in dry powder, with $162 billion of that designated for new investments. With new investment, the heat will be on to get products to market quicker. That’s where we come in…

Jo and I love Marketing - and we love the fast pace of the Tech industry. Having worked and managed all areas of marketing between us, we waste no time and get results fast. We’ve increased leads by 150-300% YoY, built new websites for demand generation, fully branded companies and set up an AI account based marketing platforms such as, 6sense – all in under 6 months.

So if you or someone you know is looking to add some rocket fuel to their startup this year, please connect with us. We’re based near Seattle and can work with companies anywhere in the US or Europe.

Thank you to all the people who have already provided so much advice and support. We really appreciate your help.

Here’s to 2023 the year where Tech2marketing can help you add some rocket fuel to your startup….



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