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Rocket fuel for your business

Expert, flexible and dynamic strategic marketing and consulting services to boost the velocity of IT startups.

No time to waste, accelerate your growth today

Three marketing services depending on where you are on your journey:


Blast off

Rapid build and launch of all essential marketing so you can look more professional and quickly grow your business.


Fire it up 

Increase results fast in key areas such as pipeline generation, brand awareness and website performance.


Fuel your trajectory

Strategic marketing consulting service to accelerate your growth and turn your vision and strategy into a reality. 


Years experience in

Technology Marketing

150 -300%

Growth in leads YoY generated


Brand engagement

Ready to launch into the stratosphere, quickly​

3, 2, 1...​

You've got your funding and your investors are already wanting to see results - but you don't have time to hire, don't want the distraction, and in the current climate, taking on more permanent staff is a risk. Marketing can come later...


But wait. What if nobody finds out how amazingly ground breaking your product is? And what happens if you don't get any paying customers? That would be tragic....

Feel the Force - We're Jo E and Jo H, and we're the brains behind Tech2marketing. We have over 50 years global Tech Marketing between us (please don't do the Math).

Our domain expertise includes Open Source Software, Software Development, DevOps, Cloud, Edge, Mesh Computing, IoT, IT Security, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and AI/ML... and lots of other buzzwords.

Our target persona experience includes CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, Heads of Engineering, Developers and Technical Architects.

And best of all, our fantastic network of trusted suppliers and contractors are also experienced Tech space travelers. So when we bid you farewell, we'll make sure you're all set and ready to take the controls.

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Are you set for the stars - or stuck on the launch pad?

"This team is a dynamic duo, they can produce amazing results in a very short time frame.  Just what you need to get your marketing ramped up quickly."

CRO, Startup Technology Company

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