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marketing services

Get the Marketing support you need now

Whether you have a specific Marketing project or need ongoing Marketing support, 

Jo Harris and Jo Eames can bring their energy and 25 years of global marketing experience gained in Tech and other fast-paced industries to your business.

We cover all areas of marketing including lead generation, campaign management, branding, product marketing, and sales and marketing operations. We love to sort out HubSpot so Sales and Marketing know exactly how the lead process works and can see their ROI.

Our domain expertise includes Open Source Software, Software Development, DevOps, Cloud, Edge, Mesh Computing, IoT, IT Security, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and AI/ML... and lots of other areas.

Talk to us today and find out how we can accelerate your business. 


Years experience in

Technology Marketing


Growth in leads YoY generated


Brand engagement

What our Customers Say...

"Tech2marketing played a key role in preparing Vitruvi for growth in 2024 following our private equity acquisition. They brought a high level of expertise to enhance our 'Lead to Win' process and streamlined our HubSpot CRM for better lead management by implementing lead scoring, lead allocation, nurturing, and lead recycling. In addition, their expertise helped me align the future marketing budget against key areas of spend that could drive the most growth for our company. Their advice and guidance have been invaluable in helping shape the go-forward marketing plan and they were instrumental in helping us launch some new programs while we were scaling our team that resulted in over 300% increase in digitally sourced leads in under 3 months."

Jeff Vance, CRO, Vitruvi 

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