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Why Tech2marketing?

Over the years of working in Tech, we noticed that most IT companies are founded by software engineers who are quite rightly focused on developing their software solutions. Marketing is seen as a distraction.


But startups quickly reach a stage where the lack of marketing becomes a barrier to investment and growth. Their brand awareness is weak and pipeline limited. Often, the CEO and Executive Team start to get pressure from their board and investors to show results early.

Sound familiar?


That's why we founded Tech2marketing.

We love Marketing, have years of experience and can get results fast!

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Our Vision

To provide expert, flexible and dynamic marketing to boost the velocity of IT Startups (Seed, A-C) and drive the results that their boards, and investors are expecting - fast!

Meet Jo H & Jo E

Your business couldn't be in better hands... our 50 years of combined experience in Tech enables us to move at speed.

Our domain expertise includes Open Source Software, Software Development, DevOps, Cloud, Edge, Mesh Computing, IoT, IT Security, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and AI/ML... and lots of other buzzwords.

Our target persona experience includes CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, Heads of Engineering, Developers and Technical Architects.

And best of all, our fantastic network of trusted suppliers and contractors are also experienced Tech space travelers.

So if you want results fast, talk to us.

Our Results

We have deep experience, so we waste no time. We’ve increased leads by 150-300% YoY, built new websites for demand generation, fully branded companies and set up AI account based marketing platforms such as 6sense – all in under 6 months.

70-125% organic

visitor growth

150-300% Leads


2-3x Brand


Get your Free Marketing Diagnostic

Are you set for the stars - or stuck on the launch pad?

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