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Our Vision

to have fun accelerating your business

Meet Jo H & Jo E

You'll quickly notice that we're both English- and share the same First Name.

We also both love marketing. 

We met at Veritas Software in the UK about 20 years ago and have worked together on several occasions since then. We've both run large and small global marketing teams and have managed and operated all the major marketing functions.

What this means is that we operate like one brain but bring the knowledge and expertise of two. We're also extremely fast at solving problems and getting stuff done.

Our Results

We have deep experience, so we waste no time. We’ve increased leads by 150-300% YoY, built new websites for demand generation, fully branded companies and set up AI account based marketing platforms such as 6sense – all in under 6 months.

+125% organic

visitor growth

+300% Leads


2-3x Brand


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Modern Data Stack Partners

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