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Is your Tech Startup headed for the stars?

Check out our Quick 5-point Marketing audit for Tech Startups.

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My colleague, Joanne Eames, and I have spent all our working life in the Tech sector and, one thing we know from personal experience is that as a Tech Startup, you're going to have a ton on your plate. With your attention directed toward securing funding and product development, marketing can often fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, competitors move in quickly and investors expect results early so here’s our quick 5-point marketing audit to ensure lack of marketing focus doesn’t become a roadblock to your momentum and growth.

Check your company’s marketing against the list below, or click here to request a personalized marketing audit from us at Tech2marketing.

  • A well-defined target market: It is important for a Tech Startup to identify its target market and understand its needs, preferences, and behaviors to effectively market and sell its products or services. Could everyone in your company clearly articulate your target market?

  • A strong product positioning and value proposition: A Tech Startup should be able to clearly articulate its product or service value to its target market. This helps differentiate it from competitors and can be a key factor in attracting and retaining customers. Is your value proposition strong enough to stand out from your competitors?

  • A consistent brand: Developing a strong brand that resonates with the target market can help a Tech Startup stand out in a crowded market. This includes creating a memorable brand name, logo, and visual identity and developing a consistent brand voice and messaging. Does your brand stand out and look consistent wherever it appears?

  • A defined marketing strategy: To avoid wasting time and resources, a Tech Startup needs a well-defined marketing strategy that outlines its goals, SMART objectives, target audience, and the budget it will use to reach and engage its audience. Do you have a defined marketing strategy that has been agreed upon with the executive team?

  • A comprehensive marketing plan: A startup should consider all elements of the marketing mix and utilize all key marketing methods such as digital demand, social media marketing, events, search engine optimization, and account-based marketing (ABM). Do you have a plan for generating demand and creating awareness? Is it being executed with success?

How many could you tick off with confidence?

Hopefully all, but even then this is only just a starting point. If you’re beginning to feel pressure from your investors and board members and the heat is increasing from potential competitors, you may want to bring in some experts to boost your marketing.

That is why we created Tech2Marketing.

Tech2Marketing is our full-service marketing agency that specializes in working with Tech Startups. We have over 50 years of deep marketing experience in Tech. We offer a wide range of marketing services to help you grow your business and effectively reach your target audience. Talk to us today, we will ensure your startup is headed to the stars!


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